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          • We're very proud to present the directorial debut film by the New York-based artist and filmmaker Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, the powerful, poetic and beautifully haunting SCRIPTURA VITAE, commissioned by The UK's CHANNEL 4 for the Random Acts arts platform.


            The film, which was recently awarded a VIMEO Staff Pick, is a hypnotic and evocative visual story exploring the dualities of life and death, art and artist featuring famed Japanese actress Miho Nikaido. Scriptura Vitae was conceived as a multi-faceted body of artwork by Aerosyn-Lex who has collaborated with the likes of KANYE WEST, KENZO PARIS, JEFF KOONS and more.


            Showcasing original music by the Grammy nominated DIPLO, with supporting tracks by London’s acclaimed avant-garde producer ACTRESS and emerging electronic duo PLAITUM. Co-Director Shane Annas, best known for his music video work with artists such as Mr. MFN eXquire and Araabmuzik, lends his signature editing style to


            All Visual Effects were created by the Cannes Grand-Lion Award winning agency FAKE LOVE and lauded sound designers LISTEN supply a driving score, seamlessly blending together Diplo, Actress and Plaitum’s productions.


          • Every Typographic and Calligraphic element of Scriptura Vitae has been painstakingly hand-crafted by the artist. The Logotypes of the film began as Hand Scribed characters of Ink on Paper, those drawings were then refined in a digital workflow to produce the typographic elements you see below.


            The performers in the film have Aerosyn-Lex's signature calligraphic handwriting ritualistically inked over them. The skin of the performers themselves becomes as much a work of Typography as it does a work of Art.



          • Famed Japanese actress MIHO NIKAIDO is best known for her starring role in the Cult-Classic, and for a time banned, film TOKYO DECADENCE. Written and directed by lauded novelist RYU MURAKAMI this film pushed the bounderies of cinema and was banned in over 7 Countries during its original 1992 release due to its erotic nature.

            The film features a soundtrack by world famous composer RYUICHI SAKAMOTO ( of Yellow Magic Orchestra ) and also an on-screen performance by famed artist YAYOI KUSAMA.

            Miho Nikaido triumphantly returns to the screen with a haunting and powerful performance in Scriptura Vitae.

            ?◥◤?◥◤?◥ THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF SCRIPTURA VITAE : ON FILM ◤?◥◤?◥◤?


          • The images below represent a body of photography shot on a Medium Format Mamiya Film camera by Iranian photographer NIMA ANSARI. The photos were taken during the performances in studio. This folio of images has been developed by hand in a traditional Dark Room and will be available as an editioned series for an upcoming exhibition.

          • ?◥◤?◥◤?◥ SCRIPTURA VITAE IN PAINTINGS ◤?◥◤?◥◤?

            A new method of filming calligraphic paintings "In Process" was developed by the filmmakers in order to realistically capture brushstrokes and ink elements that were then composited into the final film.

          • This series of "LIVING PAINTINGS" represents a body of 12 paintings created specifically for use in the film. These "Living Paintings" will be featured in an upcoming exhibtion.



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